Investment Philosophy

We wish to invest principally in the insurance industry. We have been very successful with InsureZone and the many add-on acquisitions and investments that we have made with this company. As a result, we are seeking to do more of the same. The companies that most attract our attention are those that profitable books of business with a  focus or marketing niche that has allowed them some mind of staying power. What we also find intriguing is to be able to work with those executives that see the need to significantly expand their use of technology to both drive new business and as a means to better service and keep existing policies. 

With InsureZone, BVA feels that it has a number of refined assets that it is looking to leverage through acquisitions, partnerships, and distribution relationships. We are interested in the full spectrum of books of business, agencies, brokers, wholesalers, and MGA's. What we bring to the table is a proprietary set of technologies, carrier relationships, and internal network connections to over 45,000 agencies. The following are areas related to the rating, quoting, sale, servicing and document management of insurance policies that we have researched and find compelling:


Insurance Industry Interests
  • Insurance Sales (Not just quotes) - Auto, Homeowners, and All Commercial Lines
  • Comparative Rating for personal and commercial lines, standard and surplus lines
  • Customer Relationship Management and insurance sales workflows
  • Acquisitions and Partnerships - books of business up to entire agencies
  • Business Process Outsourcing
Quite frankly, we have never been able to anticipate what will excite our interest. We are opportunists with very open minds. We are willing to make initial investments ranging from $250,000 to $3 million. We will continue to support our portfolio companies as they progress with a maximum commitment of $10 million. We have no pressure to exit an investment in any fixed time frame.

Geographic Focus
United States, with special attention to the non-coastal states and the areas not pestered by the whims of mother nature. There are not many of those, but this focus does allow us to create a book of business that more consistently earns contingent and profit sharing checks. However, we are not limited geographically and are willing to travel to see the right companies.

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