Evaluation Process

We invest in people first and ideas second. We look for people who have the extraordinary will and the superior ability to build a business. To begin the evaluation process we need an Executive Summary that briefly describes three areas:

  • The management team and why their experience and skills will make your company great.
  • Some information that would enable us to quantify what you are looking to sell or what you are looking to finance and why you think that we might be interested in working your firm.
  • High level numbers showing revenue expectations, profitability projections, capital needs, market share and company valuation estimates.   A three year overview works best.
After our initial assessment and a decision to pursue a venture, we do the following:
  • We assess the management team as individuals and as a team. We check references.
  • We assess the competitive advantage of the product or service and its long-term ability to hold competitors at bay.
  • We evaluate the market, calling upon industry experts and potential customers to help us assess chances of success for the proposed product or service.
  • We assess the business model and determine if it is consistent with the character of the product or service and the marketplace.
  • We discuss our findings and our ideas with you and endeavor to form a mutual plan for how we might together build a much larger and more profitable company.
  • We propose terms that meet the agreed upon needs of the company.

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