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Below are brief descriptions of companies in which we have invested. Click on the logos to visit their web site.


XactiMed® develops and markets superior software solutions to the healthcare industry. We provide products and services based upon a native XML, Internet-delivered Application Service Provider (ASP) platform.

We believe that XML’s powerful data management and simplification capabilities are the keys to delivering industry solutions with the ability to immediately and directly impact A/R days, first pass payment rates, bad debt and overall cash collections. Company was sold to MedAssets in 2006.

CEO: Darin LeGrange  Visit XactiMed at: www.xactimed.com


Formed in 1999, InsureZone was funded by Buena Venture Associates to enable small-business owners nationwide to obtain insurance quickly and easily from their most trusted source, using any style of on- or offline transaction they prefer. Through its BrokerSecure and AgentSecure (www.agentsecure.com) product lines, InsureZone partners with agents, brokers, financial institutions and Web portals to provide access to small commercial insurance products from top-rated national carriers. InsureZone is powered by the scalable, XML-based MarketSecure™ technology platform.

CEO: John F. Pergande   Visit InsureZone at: www.insurezone.com

PayCast is a software-based Personal Money Transfer (PMT) solution. PayCast enables consumers to make direct payments and money transfers via safe, secure electronic channels. Consumers access the PayCast Service through their existing bank accounts. The PayCast solution leverages the existing global ATM/EFT infrastructure. No ATM/EFT infrastructure investment is required on the part of PayCast in order to deploy this service. The development of the PayCast solution is complete and ready to deploy.

Consumers can use the internet or their phone to send money directly to anyone with a bank account in seconds.  The money is available to the recipient immediately: no paper checks, no payment clearance, no overnight settlement – just guaranteed, instantaneous funds transfer.

CEO: We are reviewing plans to sell the assets of this company.

           Visit PayCast at: www.paycast.com


Tradecast was sold to Ameritrade, Inc., in April 2001. This was BVA's first sale. When Tradecast was sold, BVA and the management team retained all rights to the intellectual property associated with the Company's Bankstream technology. This technology was the foundation for the software now being used by PayCast.

Tradecast's software is for use in online trading of US listed equities. It was targeted primarily at daytraders and active traders. The company's softwas now powers the Ameritrade Pro online trading application.

Visit Ameritrade at: www.Amertrade.com

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As a single source for telephony, networking and cabling solutions, Complete Technology Concepts (CTC) can give its customers unparalleled integration of three rapidly converging disciplines:  1) LAN and WAN Networking, 2) Telecommunications Services, 3) Cabling services.
This company was sold to the management team in April 2002.

Visit CTC at: www.complete-technology.com

INSpire Insurance Solutions is the leading provider of outsourced solutions for the Property and Casualty industry. The Company transforms the expense structure of carriers and MGA's by leveraging INSpire's back office and allowing them to focus on their core competancies.  INSpire offers a complete line policy and claims outsourcing services, an integrated suite of software, along with implementation and software enhancement services.

The company Was sold to CGI as part of a corporate restructuring in November of 2002.

Visit CGI at www.cgi.com

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